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Out of stock

Blair Conklin Tail Pad – Party Camo


This is Blair Conklin’s Pro Model Pad.  It’s the sexiest piece of pad in the world.  The newest of new. The freshest of fresh.  The Camo found in Blair’s new Pro Models were born of unicorns and gnarwhals.

This traction pad is a culmination of so much awesome it’s hard to put into words. The perfect amount of arch to support your foot without causing discomfort, and the perfect mix of grid patterns to give you an unmatched grip and feel. The kick is designed to resist pressure from the rear foot, and to maximize every turn you need to throw more spray than an Orca saying “waddup” via it’s blowhole. This traction pad makes you want to party. So Let’s do it.

Out of stock

Weight 0.5 kg

Buy modafinil australia reddit, Buy modafinil legit

There are no reviews yet.

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Buy modafinil australia reddit, Buy modafinil legit